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Managing Key Frames

When a new Image/Object is added to the Objects and Animation Editor, it just has one Key Frame located at the start of the Timeline.

Select Single Object


  • In the “Objects” panel, click on an Object to show its Key Frames
    • All Key Frames associated with this object will appear on the Timeline
    • To select a Key Frame, left-click on it with the mouse

Select Multiple Objects

  • Multiple Objects can be selected to show their Key Frames
  • To select specific Objects, Ctrl + Click on each object in the “Objects” panel. Key Frames for these objects will be shown
  • Click on First Object then Shift + Click on Third (e.g. bottom) Object to select all Objects
  • Alternatively, Ctrl + A selects all Objects
  • Use Ctrl + Click to select specific Key Frames. The positions and properties of selected Key Frames can then be adjusted
  • Click on first Key Frame on top row then Shift + Click on last Key Frame on bottom row to select all Key Frames
  • When multiple Objects are selected Key Frame Parameters must be changed in the Animations Tab

Properties of a Key Frame

  • The parameters of the Properties Tab are set Globally for all Key Frames in an Object Track
  • The parameters of the Animation Tab can be set for each individual Key Frame in an Object Track

  • Play / Pause - Plays the Animation
  • Stop - Stops the Animation
  • Previous Key Frame - Go to Previous Key Frame
  • Next Key Frame - Go to Next Key Frame
  • Delete Key Frame - Delete the Current selected Key Frame
  • Add Key Frame - Adds a BLANK Key Frame:
    • At the end of the Timeline
    • Half way between Current and Next Key Frame
    • At position of Cursor

Key Frame Width/Thickness

  • The width of a Key Frame can be preset in Settings/Preferences/Editor
  • It can also be changed in the Tools Menu in Objects and Animation

Cloning Key Frame (KF)

  • Right click on a Key Frame (KF) and choose from the menu
  • See the Right Click Menu below

Adding a Blank Key Frame (KF)

  • Select the first Key Frame and click on the “+” icon
  • A second Key Frame is added at the Full Slide Duration
  • Select the First Key Frame again and click on the “+” icon
  • Another Key Frame is added half way between the First and Final Key Frames
  • Clicking on any Key Frame and the “+” icon will add another Key Frame half way between it and the next Key Frame
  • Adding KF by means of the “+” buttons adds a BLANK KF (all Animation Properties turned off)
  • Clicking anywhere on the O&A Timeline other than on a KF and clicking on “+” will add a KF with all Animation Properties turned off

The difference between Adding and Cloning Key Frame (KF)

  • When a KF is Cloned all of the parameters from the original KF are duplicated in the Cloned KF
  • When a KF is added all of the parameters are Blank so that only selected Parameters will change

Example: To Pan an Image from Left to right we can Clone a KF and drag the Image from its start position to its end position. We might want to adjust the Saturation in the middle of the Pan. By adding a Blank KF we can turn on the Colour Correction Filter and make the necessary adjustment without influencing the nature of the Pan.

Moving Key Frame (KF)

  • Click on a Key Frame(s) and drag left or right to change its position, or ……..
  • Enter a precise Key Frame Time in the format “5000”
  • Select a Key Frame and click on “-” to delete that Key Frame

The Right Click Menu

  • The Right Click Menu enables options to add Key Frames
  • If an existing Key Frame is selected “Add Key Frame Here” will add a Blank KF in the same way as the “+” Button with all Animation Properties turned off
  • If the Cursor is selected between KF the “Add Key Frame Here” will add a Blank KF at that point with all Animation Properties turned off
  • “Clone KF” will clone the selected KF
  • Delete KF will delete the selected KF
  • “Select KF at Current Time” will select all KF in Multiple Objects at the selected time
  • Play / Stop - Ctrl+P at selected Time
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