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PicturesToExe 9.0

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PicturesToExe allows the creation of impressive photo and video slideshows for PC, Mac, DVD and YouTube. Add images and video clips together with all effects: Pan/Zoom/Rotate, 3D transformations, masks. Instant preview of a slideshow in real time. Highest quality of picture and smooth playback of animations. A slideshow can be accompanied by sound or text comments with each slide or by any music file.

Slideshows and professional AV works made in PicturesToExe have repeatedly won first place at international festivals in the United Kingdom, France and Belgium.

PicturesToExe is available in two editions - Essentials and Deluxe. Compare editions

Authors of the Online Help:

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  • Dave Gould
  • Jeff Evans
  • Lin Evans

How To's by:

  • Dave Gould
  • Jeff Evans
  • Lin Evans
  • Peter Appleton
  • Tom95521 (Mac)


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