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The Publish Menu

The "Publish Show" Button

(“Export Show”)

If selected from “Settings/Preferences/Toolbars”, a “Publish Show” button can be added to the Main Window toolbars. This provides further information on the “Publish” options and these are described below.


The Options are:


Executable File For PC

Best Quality for PC in an EXE File

Give the EXE a Name and Location and press Save.

Double click on the Saved EXE to run.

Safe Executable File For Internet

EXE File in ZIP with digital signature

Give the EXE a Name and Location and press Save.

The result is an Application and a digitally signed ptshow file in a Zipped Folder.

This can safely be uploaded to a sharing site etc for Download. The Zipped File can be Extracted to a Folder in Windows and the slideshow can be run from the Application File.

Executable File For Mac

Best Quality for Mac

Please Note

There is known problem with macOS Sierra 10.12.2+ and slideshows created in PicturesToExe 6.0 - 8.0.21. Slideshows do not start and only black screen appears.

Solution 1:

Download and install PicturesToExe 8.0.22

Or download new PicturesToExe 9

Open project file with existing slideshow and create a new presentation folder for Mac.

Solution 2

You can repair existing slideshows for Mac using special free utility:

It works with slideshows in APP folder or in a ZIP archive created in PicturesToExe 8.0.0 - 8.0.21.

The most likely it will patch correctly slideshows created in old versions 6.0 - 7.5, but we can't guarantee it.

HD Video

N.B. Since Version 9.0.5 PicturesToExe 9 supports Output of UltraHD 4K video (3840 x 2160). The 64-bit version of Windows is required for this resolution.

Publish a HD Video for playing on a Media Player

Creates high quality MP4 Video File (H.264)

The Project should be saved before clicking on the option - if you have not done this you will be asked to Save the Project.


The available options are shown above. Normal settings for TV playback are 1920×1080 and High Quality. All of the presets work well. Another option is “Pan and Scan” for which the Default is “Enabled”. When “Disabled” the MP4 is prevented from distorting to fill the TV Media Player Screen.


Clicking on Custom releals further options:

Quality Mode - Set Quality 0-100

Bit Rate Mode - Set a Bit Rate

Two Pass Encodoing - Tick the box

The Video File name is the same as the Project Name and the location will default to the same as the Project location.

Click Convert to start the encoding. The Progress Window is shown below:


When the encoding is completed you can view the video on a PC. Media Player Classic - Home Cinema is recommended for PC. You can also transfer the file to a USB device and view the video with the USB Device plugged into a suitably equipped Television or Blu Ray Player connected to a Television via HDMI.

DVD-Video Disc

For Players connected to a Television.

Click on Publish and DVD-Video Disc.

If the currently open project has not been edited since opening then you will be taken directly to the VideoBuilder interface. If the currently open project was created in an earlier version and not edited, it is recommended that you Save As a different version before entering the VideoBuilder.

If the currently open project was edited after opening then you will be prompted to Save the Project before continuing. You cannot proceed without saving so if you want to keep the original project intact then a Save As is required.


Add one or more Projects to the Project List by dragging from its location. The current project is added by default.


Click on (VideoBuilder) Project Options:


  • In the above example the Menu Aspect Ratio (AR) and the TV screen Aspect Ratio have both been altered from the Default 4:3 AR.
  • Repeat playback of a disc is possible
  • Return to menu after each title is also possible
  • Chapters can be added at any desired interval.
  • You can Restore Defaults whenever necessary

In the Program Tab of (Video Builder) Project Options you can set

  • Idle Priority
  • Location of Temporary Folder
  • Click OK to exit Project Options

In the Video Builder Main Menu you can set “Create Menu”.

Click on “Next”.


  • You can “Choose Template” from several presets and/or add your own
  • Items allows you to organize multiple Project Icons into a variety of Column and Row configurations
  • Hue, Saturation and Lightness allows you to change the color of the chosen Template
  • Properties allows you to alter the Position, Size and Opacity of the Project Icon.
  • You can also add a Drop Shadow
  • Select Frame allows you to choose a frame in the video to show in the Project Icon
  • You can add a Background Image to replace the Template and Customize it
  • You can choose to Animate the Menu and set the duration of the menu
  • You can add music to the the Menu and Customize it

Click on “Next”


  • You can give the Project a Name

You can select any of the following options:

  • Create an MPEG2 file from the Project
  • Create DVD Folders which can be burned to DVD in third party software
  • Create an ISO File which can be burned to DVD in third party software (or played in Media Player Classic)
  • Burn a DVD Disc. Details of your burner(s) and Speed of Burn are given.
  • The DVD can be given a Label
  • You can Include additional folders and files to the disc
  • Click Start to begin the Burn

Add a User-Defined Template

In VideoBuilder:

  • Tick the “Create Menu” box.
  • In the Next Page, “Customize” an existing Template by adding your own Background Image in the Left Hand (Edit) section.
  • Click on “Choose Template” and “Add a template” - Save in a suitable location with a suitable name and all of the components of the existing menu Template are saved with the renamed “bg.jpg” Background Image.
  • It (the Template) then becomes a choice when you “Choose Template”.
  • An alternative method would be to “Add Template” first and then edit it by changing the Background etc. The Button Style is determined by the current chosen Template when the “Add Template” is pressed.
  • Buttons can be created and saved in the “New Template” folder. They must be named “Play” etc and overwrite the existing Buttons

Auto Start and Continuous Looping DVD

Auto Start - Untick the “Create Menu” option:


Continuous Looping DVD - Tick “Repeat Playback of a Disc”:


Video For Mobile Devices

Creates a Video File for smartphone and tablets


The Preset Screen is shown above


The Preset Device Options (above):

  • iPhone 4, 4s
  • iPhone 5, 5s
  • iPad (1024×768)
  • iPad Retina (1920×1080)
  • Tablet (1024×600)
  • Tablet (1024×768)
  • Tablet (1280×800)
  • Tablet (1920×1080)


The Preset Quality Options (above):

  • High Quality
  • Low Quality
  • Custom
  • Pan and Scan (Enabled or Off)

Further Options for the adventurous:


AVI Video File

Creates AVI File with SD or HD Quality

The Presets:


The Presets for Resolution, Quality and Frame Rate are shown.

For the more adventurous, click on Custom:


Publish on YouTube

Create HTML5 Video

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