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Slide Duration

Slide Duration and Full Slide Duration

Depending on the settings of Settings / Preferences and Project Options the duration seen in the Slide List can change.



If a single slide is added to the Slide List the Main Screen View looks like this:


The Status bar shows the Full (Slide) Duration and the (Slide) Duration. The Slide Icon displays the Slide Duration. For a single slide the Duration will equal the Full Duration because there is no following slide transition time to take into account - or the following slide transition time is zero.

The corresponding Objects and Animation Screen looks like this:


Adding another slide

Show Full Slide Duration Un-Ticked:

Adding a second slide with a 2 second transition time causes a change in the displayed (Slide) Duration. Note that the Full (Slide) Duration remains the same.


Objects and Animation View:


The (Slide) Duration of Slide 1 remains at 5 seconds but because Slide 1 is visible from the beginning of its own transition to the end of the Slide 2 transition (at varying opacities) its Full (Slide) Duration is 7 seconds.

Show Full Slide Duration Ticked:

Adding a second slide with a 2 second transition time causes a change in the Duration Icon on the Slide. Note that the Full (Slide) Duration and Full (Slide) Duration remain the same.


The Objects and Animation Screen remains the same.



<nowiki>*</nowiki> Key Frames in Slide 1 are placed at Zero and 7 seconds (7000ms)
<nowiki>*</nowiki> Key Frames in Slide 2 are placed at 5 seconds (0ms) and 12 seconds (7000ms)

Below is a **Simulation** of two slides in Objects and Animation Screen:


The Timeline View:


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