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Custom Transition

Creating a Simple Custom Transition

A Simple Opening “Barn Doors” Transition

From any of the following:

  • Project Options - Transitions Tab
  • Slide Options - Transition Tab
  • AB Transition Button in Slide View

Click on Custom Transitions and then Create Transition.


  • The default Custom Transition Window
  • Note the Resolution and Aspect Ratio for the Custom Transition - 1024×768 (4:3)


Click on Customize to see the Custom Transition Effect Options:


In this case all options can be left at default - Click OK.

  • Set both Key Frames for Slide 2 to 100% Zoom and 100% Opacity
  • Set both Key Frames for Slide 1 to 100% Zoom and zero% Opacity


  • Copy Slide 1 in the Objects panel and Paste above Slide 2


  • Remove the 2000ms Keyframe for the copied Slide 1
  • Change the Opacity for the Zero ms Key Frame of the copied Slide 1 to 100%


  • Open the Adjust Image and Border window from the Properties Tab and switch to the Canvas Size Tab
  • Change the units to Pixels
  • Enter 512 Pixels in the Right parameter box


  • Move the Horizontal Center and Horizontal Pan Controls to -100


  • Right Click on the Zero ms KeyFrame of the Copied Slide 1 and Clone it
  • Move the Cloned Key Frame to 2000ms
  • Open the 3D window from the Animation Tab
  • Set Pan Y for the 2000ms Key Frame of the Copied Slide 1 to 112 degrees


  • Make another copy of the Copied Slide 1 and Paste at the top of the “stack”
  • Set up the Zero ms Key Frame as shown below


  • Now set up the 2000 ms KeyFrame as shown below


  • You can now play the Custom Transition
  • The Barn Doors (Slide 1) will open outwards revealing the Slide 2 Image
  • Click on close to Save the Custom Transition
  • Click OK to Apply the Custom Transition to the Current Slide
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