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Main O&A Window

Main O&A Window

  • The Main Window of the Objects and Animation Editor is shown below.
  • The various elements of the window are identified.
  • There are two tabs for controlling actions in the Editor, “Properties” and “Animation”.


The Grid

  • Click on the Grid Icon to apply the Grid
  • Click on the down arrow to show the Grid Options
  • Select the colours of the Minor and Major Grid Lines
  • Select “In Pixels” or in number of divisions per image
  • There are 10 minor divisions between Major Grid Lines in the X and Y directions
  • Select “Snap to Grid” on or off
  • Select “offset” in X and Y directions


  • In Pixels Mode the size and AR of the grids are set by entering a fixed pixel dimension
  • The Grid is therefore made up of squares
  • With “In Pixels” turned off the size and Aspect Ratio of the grid is determined by the numbers set
  • In the example above the Grid has been “Centred” by setting a 20×20 Grid
  • With “Snap To Grid” ticked the Image/Object will snap to a Major or Minor Grid Line in either direction if dragged close enough

Add an Object

  • Add a Video, Mask, Frame, Button, Text, Rectangle or Image Object
  • Please refer to Add Object articles in the How To Section of the Main Menu
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