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Executable File Size

What to expect

  • A Blank Project, regardless of the number of slides, has a File Size of approximately 1.5Mb - 2Mb
  • If all of the elements (Objects) used in a Project are placed in a single folder then the Completed Project Size will be the Project Folder size plus 1.5Mb
  • If a single Object is used multiple times in a Project then the Object File Size is only “counted” one time in the total Project File Size
  • There is a theoretical maximum size for an EXE file of 2Gb
  • Adding video to a Project can sometimes take the EXE File size above 2Gb
  • Using the “Do not include file to Exe” feature can then bring the Exe file size down below the 2Gb limit. Objects and Animation / Properties
  • See below for details


In order to optimise the size and smooth running of a slide show the following might help:

  • A full-screen image with no animation need be no larger than the Project Resolution
    • E.g. An image used in a 3:2 (1620×1080) project needs to be no bigger than 1620×1080 if it has no animation
  • An Image which has a 200% Zoom applied to it need be no bigger than twice the Project Resolution
    • E.g. An image used in a 3:2 (1620×1080) project needs to be no bigger than 3240×2160 if it has no more than 200% Zoom applied
  • Using WAV Audio Files rather than MP3 Files will give (perhaps) better audio quality but will increase the size of a Project dramatically. Use 256kbps MP3 Files for the best compromise.
  • Where only parts of WAV or MP3 Audio Files are used in an audio track the whole WAV/MP3 File is included in the EXE File and bloats the file size unncessarily. Use "Convert Tracks to MP3 for EXE" to avoid this. Alternatively use an external Audio Editor to trim Audio Files to the portion required for the project.

Do not include file to Exe

If the Executable File size excedes 2Gb in a Project which includes Video Clips then the following procedure can be used:

  • Tick the Box “Do not include file to Exe” for each of the Video Clips in Objects and Animation / Properties
  • The Video File is then linked to its Folder when the Executable is played
  • The Executable file size does not include the Video file size(s)

If the Executable requires to be moved to a different PC then use the following:

  • Publish the Project as a “Safe Executable for Internet” (Example: My
  • In Explorer locate “My” and double click on it
  • This reveals a folder - My Project - double click on it
  • This reveals the My Project.exe and My Project.ptshow files
  • Copy and paste the Video(s) from their original folders to this folder
  • The My can then be transfered to another computer and after extracting will play by double clicking on the My Project.Exe
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