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A suggested workflow for new users and users upgrading to Version 9

  • Taking a look at Preferences in the Settings Menu is advised. Using the Preferences options you can optimize future projects. In particular, examine the Toolbars section of Preferences which determines which Tools show and which are hidden. You can also determine where the tools are placed in the workspace.
  • The Project Menu determines the settings for the CURRENT Project. In Project Options you set the Aspect Ratio and Resolution for the Project. You can optimize a variety of settings before adding Images to your Project. You can also use Project Options to add and edit Audio Files in the Project.

For details of Terminology for the Main Window see Terminology

For details of information relating to slide duration see Durations

For information on adding images or video clips see Adding/Removing Images/Videos

For information on the Timeline View see Timeline View

For information on handling audio files see Handling Audio Files

For information on configuring the main screen see Configuring The Main Screen

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