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The Settings Menu



The User can choose a Language from the list.

File List Sort Order

The File List can be sorted by:

  • Name (Ctrl+F4)
  • Extension (Ctrl+F5)
  • Date Modified (Ctrl+F6)
  • Size in Mb (Ctrl+F7)
  • The order in which the Files are added to the Slide List can be reversed

Show File Tree

  • Toggles the File Tree On and Off in the File List (Ctrl+G)

Slide List / Timeline


  • The Slide List View
  • The Timeline View (F6)

Table View of File List

  • Displays a Tabular View of the File List

Table View of Slide List

  • Displays a Tabular View (Details) of the Slide List

Full Screen View of File List

  • Displays the Full Screen view of the File List.
  • Files can be added to the Project (the Slide List) via the Right Click Menu or the “Add” Button.
  • Captions (file names) can be turned on or off.
  • The slider control varies the size of the image thumbnails.

Toggle Fullscreen

  • Full Screen view of Slide List or Timeline (F4)
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