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Time-lapse Video

…… or “Pseudo Time-lapse” Video in a PTE Slide Show.

Most DSLR's will allow the creation of Video Clips of around 20 minutes or more in various formats e.g. MOV.

It is possible, in PTE Version 9, to compress that 20 minutes or more into a Pseudo Timelapse video which is 2.5 minutes or even shorter at a high quality.

  • Convert your original MOV Video Clip to the necessary AVI format using the PTE converter at 100% quality
  • Add to the Slide List
  • In Objects and Animation/Properties click on “Adjust Time Range” and set the SPEED to 200%
  • Note the new Duration of the Video Clip
  • Transfer this New Duration to the Video Clip in the Slide List in the Duration Box
  • Click on Publish and Output the Video Clip as an AVI at 100% quality

You will now have an AVI which runs at twice the speed of the original and for half of the original duration.

  • Add this AVI to the Slide List - you will not be asked to convert
  • Repeat the above steps in Objects and Animation
  • Publish as an AVI at 100% once again

You will now have an AVI which runs at four times the speed of the original and for a quarter of the original duration.

  • You can repeat the whole process as many times as you wish while keeping a careful watch on the quality
  • When you have reached your optimum Duration / Speed, Output the File as an MP4

Fast moving clouds over a stunning landscape, Sunsets, Trains and Boats and Planes, people rushing about in cityscapes - all good ways to use “Pseudo Timelapse”.

If you want a longer video you can “chain” 20 minute Video Clips (given the above treatment) together

For Time Lapse which spans a 1 - 24 Hour period or more I would suggest that other methods are more suitable.

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