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Link or Add an Audio File to a Slide

In Project Options you can add an Audio File/Clip to a Track and link it to a specific Slide Number.

  • The Audio Clip that you wish to link to a Slide should be added to a new track
  • If it is added to an existing track containing other audio clips, it is added at the end of the last clip
  • In a track containing more than one Audio Clip and possibly a mixture of Linked and Non-Linked Audio Clips, it is not possible to Cross-fade a Linked Clip with either another Linked Clip or a Non-Linked Clip
  • To Cross-fade Linked Clips they must be added to Individual Tracks and the fader sliders (or the fade controls in Project Options/Audio) must be used

In the Timeline

  • Highlight a Slide
  • Right click on an Audio Clip and the option to “Link Audio Clip” to the selected Slide is available
  • The Audio Clip can then be positioned by dragging along the Timeline to the desired position
  • Linked Audio Clips which are in the same Track cannot be Crossfaded

Add Audio or Voice

With a Slide selected in the Slide List (or Timeline) it is possible to add an Audio Clip or record a Voice Comment via the “Add Audio or Voice” button.

  • The Audio Clip or recorded Voice Comment is added to a newly created “Track for Audio Comments”
  • Audio Files or Voice Comments which are added to other slides are also added to this “Track for Audio Comments”
  • By default the start time of an Audio File or Voice Comment is the start time of the Slide to which it has been added
  • Crossfading of Audio Clips and/or Voice Comments in the Track for Audio Comments is not possible
  • Trimming/Cropping and/or Fading can be done in the Timeline and/or in the Projects Options/Audio Tab

If “Record Voice Comment” is selected:

  • The recorded voice comment is added to the timeline as an Audio Clip in the “Track for Audio Comments”
  • The Parameters are:
  • Codec - MP3 or WAV
  • Channels - Mono or Stereo
  • Bit Rate - 32 to 320kbps
  • Frequency - 44100 is the default
  • Record Device - will vary according to the User's Computer
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