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Properties Tab

* The “Properties” tab is shown below.

  • This is used to control and adjust the properties of objects inserted into the Editor window.
  • Objects can be inserted using the menu toolbar at the top left of the window.
  • The actual parameters shown in this tab vary depending on the type of object selected, e.g. images, buttons, rectangles, text.


  • Name: This contains the name of the selected object which can be changed to more readily identify an object
  • Picture: This is the file name and location of the selected object. An alternative object (with the same properties, key frames etc) can be selected by changing the object address
  • Sharper(-)/Smoother(+):Th default value is -100
  • Low quality of resizing: Affects the quality of the object
  • Convert to Alpha image: See the section on Masks (Add a Mask Object)
  • Animated object: Select for animated png files
  • Edge anti-aliasing: Used to give a smoother object appearance
  • Aspect Ratio: Provides a choice of aspect ratio -16:9/16:10/3:2/4:3/5:4/1:1
  • Image Crop: Enables the top, bottom, right, or left sides of the object to be cropped
  • Border: Enables a border to be placed around an object and the color to be chosen

Low Quality of Resizing Examples

  • Using this Control with Images which have been zoomed:


  • At 100% (original Pixels) the effect is that of slight sharpening the image
  • At higher percentages the effect is that shown above
  • And with Borders made in an External Editor etc


Image Crop and Border

* To add a border to an Image/Object and maintain the original Aspect Ratio:



  • Transparent to selection: Prevents inadvertent selection of an object with the Mouse
  • Show front side: In 3D animation determines if the front of the object is seen
  • Show back side: In 3D animation determines if the back of the object is seen
  • Hide Child objects: Will hide any objects inserted as a Child of a main object
  • Shadow: Enables a shadow to be applied to an object
  • Fit Mode: Choose from “Fit” or “Cover”
  • Time Range: This box shows the time range for the Slide from the start to the end of the next slide transition

Action on Mouse Click

  • Selecting this option opens the dialog box shown below providing a selection of appropriate actions


Display a Custom Window

  • In Objects and Animation add a Button (The Button can be made Transparent by changing its Opacity in the Animation Tab if required)
  • In “Action on Mouse Click” click on the Button and choose “Show Window”
  • From the Drop down Menu choose the Window to which you want to link


  • In Text (for the Button) add the required Text


  • In Preview or when the EXE is running clicking on the Button activates the Custom Window


Please go to Project Options for details on Customising the Window Project Options Advanced Tab/Advanced Options

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