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Add a Mask Object

To add a Mask Object you can:

  • Click on the “M” Icon at the top right hand side of the Objects and Animation Screen
  • Right Click in the Object Panel or Main Screen in Objects and Animation and choose to “Add a Mask”

You are offered three alternatives


Add a Mask Template

  • Choose from Circle or Rectangle


  • Click OK to add the Mask to the Object Panel
  • A Rectangle Mask is added to the Mask Stencil


  • Right Click on Mask Content and Add / Image


  • You can then add Animation to the Image within the Mask
  • You can Zoom, Pan etc the Mask Container and/or the Mask Stencil

Add a Blank Mask

  • You can add a Blank Mask to add your own Image as a Mask


Add an Image/Video Mask


  • Add an Image as Mask Content


  • A Video could also be added as either the Mask Stencil or Mask Content

Text as a Mask

  • Add Text as a Mask Stencil
  • Add an Image to the Mask Content


Complex Masks

  • Masks in Version 9 also have another property which enables complex masks to be generated from a mixture of black and white objects: the ability to switch the “Alpha Channel” on and off.
  • Here is an example using two black rectangles with a white centre rectangle. Remember “white reveals” and “black conceals”..


  • These two rectangles can be used to generate a composite mask
  • The two rectangles are now used as mask stencils in a user-defined Blank Mask
  • Rectangle 2 is above Rectangle 1
  • For Rectangle 2, if “Convert to Alpha Image” is ON, then the black area where Rectangle 2 overlaps Rectangle 1 becomes transparent
  • Convert to Alpha image is ON For Rectangle 2


  • In the next example, “Convert to Alpha Image” is OFF for Rectangle 2 and the black area blocks out the area where it overlaps Rectangle 1


  • More complex masks are possible using this technique and an example is shown below


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