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Menu Sequence Hints and Tips


These notes have been prepared based on a single slide menu.

  • You can launch other PTE sequences or any other Application by using the Action on mouse click feature found on the Common tab of the O&A window


  • Run Slideshow… and Run Slideshow with Return… will both launch a PTE sequence (the target sequence) provided that the target sequence has been Published in the same version of PTE as the Menu sequence
  • Run Application or Open File will allow you to launch any other software
  • If your target file is an executable (.exe) that application will be launched
  • For any other file extension, PTE will work in accordance with the file associations already established by the Windows environment
    • For example: on a system with Microsoft Office installed, a file with extension .xls will open in Microsoft Excel
  • Run Application and Exit will launch any file, as for Run Application or Open File above but will, in addition, terminate the Menu sequence
  • To be able to launch any item off your menu you need to be able to see the mouse pointer. So, in Project Options > Control > Mouse you will need to have Mouse cursor set to either Show or Auto hide.

If you are experiencing problems with unexpected closing of the menu when you launch items then, check that in Project Options > Main > Show settings you have set one of the following:

  • Repeat show until Esc key is pressed
  • When show ends keep last slide in show on screen
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