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Add a Frame Object

A Frame is a transparent object which can be used as a “Parent” object in Objects and Animation.

It can also be thought of as a Rectangle Object with Zero Opacity.

Add the Frame

Click on the Frame Icon to add a Frame.


  • The Frame is added to the Objects and Animation Screen
  • The Size of the Frame is the Project Size and it “Fits” the Screen
  • The Zoom for the Frame is 100% when it Fits the Screen
  • The Opacity of the Frame is Zero

Multiple Frames

  • Frames can be added to other frames (Parent / Child) and can be renamed in the Common Tab


  • Using the Multiple Frames approach animation can applied to each frame independently
  • Pan motion is applied to the Pan Frame
  • Zoom motion is applied to the Zoom Frame
  • Rotation is applied to the Rotate Frame
  • The Object can also be animated independently of the three frames


  • Frames can be made “Transparent to Selection”


Hierarchy in Parent / Child Relationships

  • Note that in the above example:
    • The Object is at the “Front”
    • The Pan Frame is at the “Rear”

Hierarchy in Independent Frames / Objects

  • An Independent Frame or Object which is placed “above” another Independent Frame or Object in the Objects List is also “above” in terms of Selection
  • “Higher” Independent Frames or Objects in the Objects List need to be made “Transparent to Selection” to be able to Click on and Select “Lower” Independent Frames or Objects
  • This also applies to Published Exe Files which have HyperLinks on Objects

A frame whose dimensions are different to the project size

When working in the Objects and Animations window it is sometimes advantageous to add a frame, the dimensions of which differ from the project size. An example would be to create a square frame in a 3:2 Project.

  • Change the Native Size to the desired dimensions
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