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Add a Text Object

In Objects and Animation it is possible to add a Text Object to a Slide by clicking on the Text Icon (T) on the Menu Bar.

The Properties of the TEXT are shown in the Properties Tab on the Right.

Choose a Font from the dropdown Menu and other attributes such as Bold, Italic, Underlined and/or Color.

Clicking on “Save and use by default” will memorize these settings for future use.

Font Size

Note that there is no Font Size but that the Text Box has a Percentage Zoom which controls the size of the Font.

Note also that one line of Text in the above example = 15% Zoom. Two lines of Text = 30% Zoom; three lines of Text = 45% etc. This relationship will continue until the size of the “bounding box” is altered via a mouse action.

In the next Example it can be seen that One line of Text at 6% gives the same Font Size as 16 lines of Text at 96% Zoom. Knowing this relationship allows the user to create a consistent Font Size across multiple Slides.

Insert Text Template

This feature allows you to add a Text Template to an individual slide. It can be done globally (all slides) in Project Options / Defaults

Choose from the options


Line Spacing

The options are (-100%) to (200%). The default is Zero.


The options are (-128 / Sharper) to (128 / Smoother).

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