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Selection and Transparency

This section amplifies information provided in “Preferences/Editor” regarding the function “Ignore Objects not selected” (see Preferences/Editor). This is a global function which applies to all images in a project. An explanation of the function “Transparent to selection” is also provided.

Ignore objects not selected

This function can be set either in “Preferences/Editor” tab or in the “Tools” tab of the “Objects and Animation window as shown below.

The “Objects and Animation” window shows that the “Ignore Objects Not Selected” setting has been set from the “Tools” button and there are two colored rectangles inserted as objects in the “Objects Panel” : the yellow rectangle is behind the blue one. With this setting, if the yellow rectangle is selected in the “Objects Panel”, it can be moved or changed without disturbing the upper blue rectangle. If “Ignore Objects Not Selected” is disabled, selecting the yellow rectangle and trying to move it will result in the selection focus moving to the blue rectangle (as it is in front), and only that rectangle can be moved or changed. It is recommended that “Ignore Objects Not Selected” should be enabled as a default setting.

Transparent to selection

This function is only found on the “Common” tab of the “Objects and Animation” window and, when selected, only applies to the particular image/object selected. When enabled it makes that object transparent to selection so that an object below it can be selected, changed, moved (or in the case of a button with an operation) operated. Using the above example of the two rectangles, if the blue rectangle is selected and “Transparent to selection” is enabled for this object, then the yellow rectangle can be selected and altered. Note that, even if the blue rectangle is set to be transparent to selection, it can still be selected in its own right and altered.

An example of where this function might be used is if a frame is used and this covers a button which performs a function when clicked. The frame needs to be set to be transparent if the button function is to work. Further comments on Frames is given in Add a Frame Object.

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